StaplerCup 2022

The 2022 StaplerCup finals in Aschaffenburg
The winning team of the 2022 Company Team Championship, Teamlog

StaplerCup 2022

Breathtaking head-to-head duels in a course packed with new challenges - and all that in four different disciplines. StaplerCup 2022 delivered as promised. More than 3,000 forklift enthusiasts on site and thousands of fans watching the live stream witnessed the StaplerCup finals. New champions in three disciplines: Mens and Womens Championship as well as NationsCup. And thrills were also guaranteed in the Company Team Championship. Never before has forklift sport been so diverse, professional and varied as in 2022!

German Men’s Championship

The German Champion 2022 Benjamin Danker

Benjamin Danker balanced his forklift over the Weber HeroRamp with a tower stacked almost four meters high on its forks, closely followed by his opponent Michael Schubert, you could have heard a pin drop - that's how captivated several thousand spectators were watching the action in the f.a.n. frankenstolz arena. Everyone knew: These are two of the greatest forklift athletes in their element. In the end, Benjamin Danker had the forks in front. With a spirited sprint up to the buzzer and to thunderous applause from the spectators, he secured the German Championship in forklift driving with a time of 3:18.818.

German Women’s Championship

The three winners of the Women's Championship 2022

Melanie Holl began the final run of the 2022 Women's Championship as the clear favorite and challenged Daniela Eilers. Both started off promising - after half of the course Melanie was in slightly faster and she confidently headed to the Weber Hero Ramp - that's when it happened! Just before the middle of the ramp the Victory Tower began to wobble and fell! This cleared the way for Daniela Eilers, she mastered the hero ramp, parked her forklift, ran up to the buzzer in a furious finish and crowned herself the new German Champion in forklift driving.

NationsCup 2022

The winners of NationsCup 2022 on the winner's podium

In the NationsCup, 10 nations competed to win the most coveted trophy in international competitive forklift driving. The final run: Slovakia vs. Netherlands. 3, 2, 1, Go: The two nations leaped into battle once again. The two teams drove onto the Weber HeroRamp at virtually the same time, still side by side. The tower, which had to be balanced on the truck while traversing the oversized see-saw, did not pose a problem for the opponents either. The victory was not decided until the final sprint for the line, where it went right up to the buzzer, and where Slovakia were able to secure their first NationsCup title.

Company Team Championship

The winners of the Company Team Championship with the winner's trophy

An ambitious start saw Grüner Systemtechnik quickly take a significant lead over Teamlog. Grüner were extremely focused as they drove onto the Weber HeroRamp first and their victory looked certain, however this was not to be. When reversing the order picker into the parking space, the driver failed to see one of the side lines in the heat of the competition, which led to the Grüner Systemtechnik team being disqualified. Teamlog now held all the winning cards, tackling the Weber HeroRamp with a cool head and a steady hand, and once again clinching the title with a confident performance.

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